2010-03-13 02:37:47 by EvilKris

Regarding 'THE INSANITY II'-
The sequel to the first one is making good progress; as of this post much of the game has been coded that is not featured in the first alpha demo.
Careful notes have been taken from the threads around the net about what people liked/disliked about the first game have been taken therefore there will be some minor changes made to the system in the second one.

*The pointless 'Battles' as you know them from the first game are gone, as are overly frustrating scenes such as 'The Machine' -which seemed to cause quite the gripe-fest around the web. Replacing them will be more sections that allude to quick-timing (think QTE from Shenmue). Fans of 'The Damned' will be glad to know there will be a couple of shoot-em-up sub-games that involve you using an automatic weapon -albeit only to a limited extent :-)

*The 'Chainsaw Dude' as he's been labelled- or 'Project K' (his actual name) will be making a small appearance to further the story of his creation, as will Tracy Takaki- however- 'CHIMERA' (one of The Doctors earlier vivisects) will make an appearance and is a major character in this prequel. You will also get a chance to see The Doctor.

*Players who found the first one a tad easy to work through will find the puzzles in this one more challenging -with objects combinable and such- but there will be a walkthrough available from the menu.

*Finally those who found the ending predictable in the first game will be pleased to know the second game's one is a SHOCKER that has never been seen before in any game/movie I can recall.

*Although audio is in the preliminary stages Mihai Sorohan (sorohanro newgrounds tag) has already created a brilliant track for the game.

*Fingers crossed the release date will be around July/August, possibly earlier.



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2010-03-15 20:20:02

Hi hi... thank you for calling my music "brilliant" :)


2010-03-21 05:23:40

Holy Lasagna.I can't wait...>_<...
I have been waiting for the sequel for like ages.U rock Kris!!!