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Too good man, too good. Let's make games together and become rich sons-of-bitches.

Good artwork but...

Animation was super-duper but the story was just, ah, well crap really.
And it was damn annoying the way you had the days repeat themselves like that. Still, good effort nonetheless.

Great show!

Yes, loved the fighting scenes! Almost too good to be true.
The presentation for everything, the sprites, the dialogue, the menu, -was absolutely top-level.
However, as everyone has said, the plot was bad, and not true to the spirit of SF at ALL. Why dont Ryu and Akuma go join a gay parade..
For that, you get a slap.
Looking forward to the next one, but please, get a scriptwriter and a researcher.

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Another McFlash game with pixel-sprites, money collectables and shopping for power-ups after you die. Hardly re-inventing the wheel here are we lol, but hey, for what it's worth your game isn't bad at all. After all, if it works, don't break it..
The particle effects you have used are polished and attractive to the eye. I thought the power-ups were well-balanced. Also the time it takes to clock the game is about right. Some love&care has gone into this title.
Good little time-waster this one. It's addictive.
I hope your next game is a little more original though- this one is a little too cookie-cutter for my tastes.

As some people have said, you're hit-box collision detection is a little off. Def need pixel-perfect for this kind of game. Might I recommend Troy Gilbert's adapted Pixel Perfect Col. Class? Works an absolute charm.

Keep it up dude.

meinlogin responds:

Thank you for feedback!

Brilliant game, can't criticise it at all.
Has a touch of MegaDrill in there but improves on it quite a bit! 5 stars!

Nice game, so props for good coding and everything. I'd give the gameplay a high rating but you get 0/5 for the graphics and music since they're ripped (and on all his other games)

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Hope you realise I put this at the end of the second game. Fits very nicely.
Amazing work man, I'm browsing through your stuff as we speak to find something rocking for the next game (a shooter) I'm working on.

sorohanro responds:

Hi there. This is the future me talking to the past you.

That's sweet!

Damn wish you'd made this earlier I probably would've thrown it onto The Insanity 2 ending.
Lol, well, maybe for part III.

sorohanro responds:

Well, you can use it in your next game (even if it's not from "Insanity" series). A zombie/ vampire/ werewolf/ dating sim :)))

So good

Hey I came back to listen to this again, I love this tune. One of your best tracks IMO

sorohanro responds:

He he... I was just doodling around with some VST's, apparently the result was not bad.
Thanx for review.

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I am mighty impressed. You are highly skilled.


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