2010-03-25 05:43:51 by EvilKris

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2010-04-16 22:19:38

Just got through with the demo (I think I got through, else I just got stuck, either way, I am IMPRESSED.)

Forget Dead Space 2. You're better than Dead Space 2. AND Ben Leffler. And believe me, that's saying something.

I was on edge the entire time, just waiting for something to pop out, and the graphics are darker! Hurrah! I was thoroughly spooked. Especially upon meeting Alexander...whoa. Don't look behind him... > >

EvilKris responds:

High praise my friend, it's rewarding to hear you say such things although I think you might want to rethink your comments later on! I'm also a *HUGE* Dead Space fan (got their feed on my Facebook and everything) and I'd be lying if I told you it didn't influence 'THE INSANITY I & II' in some way, along with certain epic horror movies.
Anyway, it's pleasing and also relieving to hear the game creeps you out- as the coder I honestly can't tell just anymore how high on the scale the fear factor is going.

Once the audio is in the atmosphere will be truly brutal, fingers crossed.
Plus the ending I've got planned for the game might just be the sickest thing you've ever seen in a videogame lol! In other words things are just getting warmed up. BTW I will be updating the alpha in about a day or so (probably for the final time), please check it out if you have time. I'm also going to be looking for some tried and trusted beta testers to check through the game for bugs and quirks when it's all wrapped up, so keep in touch.


2010-05-22 06:39:23

Sorry about the delay in commenting, graduation is a maddening process.

Fiddled about with the alpha again, wonderful, again got stuck at the Arnolfini painting puzzle, though I understand it's the code somehow for the electrical box - (ironic, I studied that painting this past month during a Humanities class).

Did find one bug - while backtracking to the first room with the newspaper clippings, I accidentally clicked into the room with the grave. Upon turning back to go through the door to the hallway, unfortunately, it only tried to put me back in the grave room.

Also, I think something glitched on Alexander's text - when clicked to make it skip (I did this in the last game, I clicked to make the text load then read through it, as I am a fast reader and lacked the patience for it to load. Do forgive me. XD), the rest of the text beyond the first three sentences didn't load, it ended abruptly after "One of the doctor's pets was roaming around"...

I also noticed just a few typos, in your texts, which only really niggled me because I'm a Grammar Nazi and every little spelling or other error jumps out at me, for most people, this should be fine.

I'm going to say this now: Screenshots and images alone on your site are making me wait with bated breath to play this game. So delightfully gory, dark, and twisted, and oh gods, it'll have SOUND EFFECTS...

If Insanity 2 doesn't completely awe and wow us, I'll eat my laptop chip by chip. Especially since Ben Leffler's big stupid profiteering mistake of making Exmortis 3 a demo and a Fizzy pay-to-play game, point and click horror fans are in definite need of this. IN NEED.

(Updated ) EvilKris responds:

You'll be pleased to know the game is about 95% complete. As I write this I'm in the process of adding the sfx (got some creepy sh*t in there already I can tell you), bug-testing, dialogue rewrites and some final retouches. The game should be ready to bogey around the end of July, or at a stretch, June.
Of course, one wee issue is that it won't be released until the game finds sponsorship -and who knows how long that will take - but like I've said if you're that desperate to play it and you're not too fussed about not going through it before it's been fully polished, contact me and I'll have you as one of my beta-testers. You'll get an early obfuscated version of it and will even have the chance to make a few suggestions as well as the job of bug-testing it for me.