'THE INSANITY II' Survival Horror First-Person Adventure- Gearing up for release

2010-06-30 15:39:59 by EvilKris

The sequel (or maybe prequel is the correct term) of 'THE INSANITY' is just about ready to hit the web.
For those of you who haven't played the original the second part takes place a little earlier on the timeline prior to the first game. You play as journalist Peter Langdon who is investigating the origin of some obscure and grotesque videos that have been appearing randomly on the net, depicting horrific scenes of someone surgically bonding the body parts of animals and humans to create living breathing monsters.
The concensus is out that the video's are fake, something you believe until you ultimately find yourself locked into an abandoned sanitarium, and as reality begins to sink in realise you have become the unwilling victim to a cat&mouse game for the surgeon, Dr.Edgar Friendly.

The game follows the tradition of the first part. Sort of hybrid point&click puzzler with elements of Resident Evil, and action scenes that require quick reflexes and logical thinking (no instructions).
I am currently looking for beta-testers so if anybody wants to give it a shot pop a mail to me at krisfoxton@gmail.com or reply here on this thread.

Game is *very* high on the creep-out/gore factor so don't apply if movies like 'SAW' make you squeal.



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2010-07-02 13:54:07

WEW!! I can't wait to see it, the alpha had me hooked already. Screw it, actually, the screenshots had me hooked.

Ooooh, I had plenty of shivers from the original (but yeah, that battle system drove me mad, I still don't think I've ever beaten the last guy XD), and from what I've seen this one's even better.

So, beta testing...any chance I could get a piece of that? :D


2010-07-07 06:02:24

*clap clap clap*
Good Good very good when you gonna put the game on newgrounds informe plz im big fun of this series


2010-07-14 04:15:17

wow...That is awesome.I waited for long..I wish I could be a tester........