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2010-03-12 12:43:03 by EvilKris

For anybody interested the demo,along with details regarding it can be found at my blog:


I did want to post it first here in the NG ALPHA's but it breached the 1mb limit :-(


Ah well, time for a moan.
I tried real hard to make a horror adventure game that could rival other well known series but now it's beginning to become clear that perhaps my stuff simply isn't of a similar callibre. Folks generally didn't respond too well to the idea of a 'hybrid' point & click. Something of a new genre I thought would peak some people's interest but did it achieve that? Not sure... If I remember correctly some other great games of the same type were always really popular, reaching the front pages of just about every portal out there, getting millions of plays. I was hoping for the game to get similar recognition but based on the scores and feedback it feels like The Insanity runs the risk of fading into obscurity.I had wanted to go for the Halloween competition and even waited until the 1st October before realising the deal I had with my sponsor stipulated the NG advertising preloader couldn't go in. In retrospect I'm wondering if I took the right option taking the primary licensing option which, -believe me- wasn't much of a cashcow, when perhaps I should've just gone for ingame ads or sold non-exlusives to sites. Aaagh...

So where did I go wrong I wonder? What could I do to improve my work and bring it in line with the other masters of the horror genre? Have you guys got any ideas on how to get my game in front of a wider audience? Should I even bother making a second one?
I'd love to because I've actually conceptualised a decent second part to the story which would illuminate a lot of the mystery behind the characters (esp.The Doctor) and situations leading up to this one. But...well let's just say I'm a wee bit demotivated and at a a crossroads here, wondering if I should give "THE INSANITY" a follow-up or do some simpler beat-em-ups or physics games.
If you do think I should work on a second installment, let me know your ideas for how the game could be improved. Thanks to those who have enjoyed the game and posted kind comments.